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1975 was the beginning of the Boston Punk scene. No one had even used the word PUNK at this point. The bands definitely had a different attitude though. The groups were: Fox Pass, DMZ, The Boize, Mark Thor, Willie 'Loco' Alexander, The Real Kids, The Count, and others. You would see the same people at every gig. Clubs were the Rat, The Club and soon Cantones.

Boston Groupie News #20   Without warning a pale yellow one page flyer showed up in the clubs. It was titled The Boston Groupie News. It was filled with outrageous gossip. A lot of inside stuff only some one on the scene would know OR care about. Sex stuff, of course.

    Nobody took credit for it. Everybody suspected everybody else. Linda Cardinal was suspected as the perpetrator, but she wasn't. She was a groupie however. Willie 'Loco' told Linda that she should pick up the banner and do the flyer regularly. It was a good idea with lots of interest to scenesters.

    Eventually she agreed. She changed her name to Miss Lyn fearing reprisals for the gossip she would fling. That's how the BGN began. No one has ever claimed the first issue although John Macy of Fox Pass confessed to it many years later.

    On Labor Day 1976 I stayed home with Jerry Lewis on the TV and typed my parody: The No-good Groupie News. I sent it to the BGN and was surprised to find the next issue of the BGN to contain some of my jokes!

    Rick Ocasak ricieving award from BGN. Miss Lyn sent me a letter and I eventually meet her soon after at The Groupie Towers in Harvard Square. She wanted to expand the BGN and wanted me to join the staff (her). I wasn't looking for it but it seemed to be real fun. I said yes.

    We went until 1983 with small interruptions like when Miss Lyn married Kenny 'Gizmo' Highland and moved to DC.

    The BGN was the mag to be in if you were a punk group in Boston. If you were in the BGN you had made it to some extent.

    It was lots of work and lots of fun and bankrolled by me.

    The Boston Groupie News has its own site at www.bostongroupienews.com

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Jonathan Richman | Dogmatics Photo

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