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In 1975 I was on the Boston Rock scene and saw it change as Punk began. Groups like Fox Pass, Mark Thor, Willie 'Loco' Alexander and The Boom Boom Band, and The Real Kids were rocking and had an attitude. Oedipus had a radio show on WTBS (now WMBR). There was a small two-page newsletter called The Boston Groupie News.

The idea in the air that I picked up was screw the rock establishment and DO IT YOURSELF. I had bought a tape recorder in 1973 with the idea of recording my guitar and some spoken word things. What exactly, I didn't really know.

At that time there was a comedian in Boston called Michael Fremer who did commercials for record stores that were parodies and barbs at rock icons. I took that as a template. People always said I was funny so I thought let's see if I'm funny to people who don't know me. I had a compulsion to do something and I didn't even know why…I just HAD to do something.

I sent a tape to Oedipus. He played one of the bits. I couldn't believe it. I continued to send things and he would selectively play bits. I would sign different names like Paul 'the Magistar Loony' Lovell having just read The Magistar Ludi by Herman Hesse. One time I signed 'Blowfish' Lovell. For some reason I was calling everyone a blowfish at work when they would say something I didn't agree with. Oedipus introduced me that way. I figured well he said it, that's my punk name -Blowfish. Miss Lyn-75.jpg - 5.55 K

During this time I sent a parody of the Boston Groupie News to Miss Lyn. The next issue she used some of my jokes. She sent me a letter, and invited me to join the staff (basically just her) because she wanted to make it bigger. I did. We did the BGN up until 1983.

In 1977 I meet Joe' Count' Viglione. I said I wanted to put out a record of some of my bits that Oedipus was playing. He said he would like to put it on his label -Varulven. I pressed 500 copies of Blowfish In The New Wave. Almost half ended up in California and thanks to Joe 50 in France.

I also joined the Count's band The August Phenomenon playing guitar. We played for a few years at The Rat, The Paradise, and in Worcester.

The Late Riser's Club had started on WMBR and they were playing my EP. Tom Lane the producer thought I would be a good addition to the group of DJ's and asked me to join. I got my license and was the LRC Wednesday DJ for a few years.

Oedipus would do the news for me. The show then was 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM. I would come in around 7:30 Am to get ready and Oedipus would be sleeping on the couch having been up all night clubbing.

I would also work for Oedipus on WBCN when he did his Nocturnal Emissions show. I would produce bits, drop ins and do the station ID's with the guests like Patti Smith, Ramones, Squeeze, Devo, The Police, and The Cars.

Picture of Willie at the Club 1975 At this point I was doing much too much and was burning out. I just didn't have time to sleep. So, I quit the show. On the air I got kidnapped and shot. It was a very exciting show done by Greg Reibman who had DJ's and punkers on the scene calling in the whole scenario…but that's a whole story unto itself.

Around this time I also did some things for Boston Rock magazine.

I also produced (paid for) the Willie Loco single called 'Gin'.

I wasn't long before I got asked again to do a show on WLYN (now WFNX). They had a lot of watts and I could play what I want so I said yes and did "This Is Pop". Joan McNulty picked the music. My co-hosts were Albert O (WBCN), Peter Choyce (WMBR) and Bradley J (WBCN). The situation was very unstable there so after a year and a half (around 1981) I was gone.

The Late Riser's asked me back so some time 1982-84 I covered holidays for them.
I produced three songs at this point for the Fabulous Billigoons that came out great. Around 1985 I did a series of bits for Bradley J when he covered the morning shift on WBCN.

Now 2002 I have some photos on some CD's like The Mighty Ions, Unnatural Axe, and The Young Snakes (but that was recalled - another story). I have been doing some promos for the Late Risers Club.

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