1. The Creeper
    1977 about. I play Prof. Blowfish. I get raped by Linda Leather and Joanne Green. This can be seen in the Axe compilation called The House Of Pain available from Tommy White.
  2. Tom Lane Morning Show.
    1978. I do punk juggling !! True. I threw balls at the people in Kenmore SQ. This was a pilot.
  3. The Varity Show.
    1982. I actually don't know the title of this. It was a morning show of some sort.The Smithereens were in it. I did Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown with the Dogmatics. Never finished as far as I know.
  4. The Goons Film.
    1981. This was a compilation of some Billygoon music and films. I play Prof. Blowfish again tying together the segments with a few laughts. This was shown at the Rat once and is around somewhere.
  5. The Real Kids Movie.
    2002. I ended up on the cutting room floor.
  6. The Legendary Thundertrain
    2005. Very short quote. This is a documentary on Thundertrain. Looks like I'm cut out of this version On YouTube
  7. The Late Riser's Club Movie
    2005. I'm in this a lot along with many of my pictures. Marissa Acosta did a GREAT job on this. It actually has been shown around town.
  8. The Kiki Vegas Story
    2005. I play a priest and have a recorded segment as a newscaster. Looks like it might never be shown at this point.
  9. Rat Tales
    2006. Stories about clubbing and the scene in the late seventies.This was being done by Jim Curren.
  10. Let's Go To The Rat
    2009. This is by Andrew Szava-Kovats.
    Now finished and available on Amazon.
  11. Boys From Nowhere: The Story of Boston's Garage Punk Uprising
    2011. Chris Parcellin is doing this look at the early punk scene and groups.
    Currently held up in litagation. Has been seen by some. A review by FFanzeen
  12. Interactive Web Site - Boston Then
    2013. Boston Then is an interactive web site by Cat Mooney about the Boston Club scene from 1975 to about 1983.
    Not really finished but some interesting material there. A video of me is in the Timeline if you go looking.