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WLYN was a small talk station in Lynn, Mass. Somehow this guy Rich Anzalone got on with a punk show. This would be around 1979. It was a real novelty hearing a punk song and a commercial for soda or something. One thought at that time no one would want to be associated with punk music.

Soon Rich was gone but this woman named Jane Richter became music director. She asked Joan McNulty (or Joan asked her) if I could do a show. Joan would pick the music. Joan asked me. Even though I was not big on going on the air again I had to admit WLYN had a few watts and I could play what I wanted. I agreed.

The show was called THIS IS POP. We played the pop side of punk, think XTC and REM. A year later it was a radio format. My co-hosts and engineers were Albert O (WBCN), Peter Choyce (WMBR) and Bradley J (WBCN).

This is an example of how crazy things got. Here we are putting on Candy and Crass.They used to do gossip on WMBR. Peter Choyce had barely read the bit before he did it. He was so funny that I was stifling laughter during the whole thing.The take off is dead on and to make it more dangerous, Crass was also the WLYN program director. CRABBY AND SASS.

We had a lot of very young listeners. I Love Rock And Roll by Joan Jett was big at one time and the teenyboppers would call constantly for it. I made an edit of the song that was about 50 seconds. You couldn't hear the edit. I would play it to get them off my back. It worked and no one ever noticed the edit.

WLYN surprised the local radio industry by actually getting listeners. The Boston Phoenix saw their chance and bought the station and made it WFNX.

Rich Anzalone - forgotten now, Rich's vision snowballed into what became WFNX.
Anzalone at WLYN 1980

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Jonathan Richman | Dogmatics Photo

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