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Book List 2015

100 books this year. I read them in this order.

Songs of Innocence and Experience     William Blake     1790     Commentary by Geoffry Keynes. Full color plates.
Marcel Proust: A Biography Vol. 2     George D. Painter     1959     Great.
Eat and Run     Scott Jyrek     2012    Inside tales of ultra marathoners who run 150 miles and 24 to 48 hours in a row.
The Poetry Lesson  Andrei Codrescu  2010  Novel. Antics of wacky acerbic poetry teacher. Very good.
The Bride and the Bachelors: 5 Avant Garde artists
   Calvin Tomkins    1976
   Entertaining read that still communicated the ideas of Cage/Duchamp/ Raschenberg/Tinguely/Cunningham
Louie, Louie David Marsh 1993
Rousseau, Kant and Goethe....Ernst Cassirer 1945/63
The Edge of Infinity Paul Davis 1981
Rameau's Nephew/D'Alembert's Dream Diderot 1713
Starship Trouper Robert A. Heinlein 1959

Crossword Connection Nero Blank 2002
The American Revolution D.Doane Cummins and William G. White 1973
Our Man In Havana Graham Greene 1958
The Way of ZeN Alan W. Watts 1957
Atom Laurence M. Kraves 2001
Our Band Could Be Your Life Michael Azeread...2001
The Twenties (Ford, Flappers and Fanatics)...George E. Mowry 1963
The Endurance Caroline Alexander 1999 Clouds Aristophanes 4/16
American Art and Historical Survey Samuel M. Green 1966
Generation of Vipers Philip Wylie 1942

Going Postal-The Tip Of The Iceberg 2002
Pis for Peril Sue Grafton 5/26 2001
Philosophy-Something To Believe In....Richard Paul Janaro 1975
My Minds Open Bruce Schechter about Paul Erdos 1998
Butterfield8 John O'Hara 1984
Galileo's Daughter Dava Sobel 1999
Great Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe...430 pgs 7/8... 1960
Until the Sea Shall Free Them Robert Frump 1983
Man and The Movies W.R. Robinson ED 344 pgs 1967
Captain Beefheart Mike Barnes 8/9....2000

Billboard Book-31 Rhythm and Blues Hits 1965-90 A White/F.Bronson...8/28....1993
Sound and Sense:Intro to poetry....Ed. Laurence Perrine.
Primary Colors Anonymous 9/29... 1996
In Transition 1927-1930-Paris Anthology...Various
Rockonomics Mark Eliot 10/11...1989
Citizen Paine Howard Fast 10/-...1943...English Born, Am. Rev., French Rev., New Rochelle,N.Y.
Dialogues of Alfred North Whitehead....Lucien Price....... 1956
Descartes: Discourse on Method and the Meditations....Rene Descartes.. 1637
The Explorers of North America 1492/1806... John Bartlet Brebner    1933
The Birth of the Republic 1763-89.... Edmund S. Morgan 11/21....1964

The Verificationist Donald Antrim ....Pychon Blurb....11/23....2000
Collected Short Stories Vol#3 - The Ashenden Stories W. Somerset Maugham Objects of All Sorts - A Philosophical Grammar....Vincent Descombes ....1983
Advertising: Principles and Practice....W.Wells, J. Burnett, S. Moriarty 1989
Coming Into Being William Irwin Thompson....12/26...1996
The Women Chaser Charles Willeford...l960
Now and Then  Robert B. Parker  2007  Spenser novel.
Roadkill on the Three Chord Highway; Art and Trash in American Popular Music  Colin Escott  2002  Lesser known Rockabilly and C+W acts. Sonny Burgess, Wanda Jackson, Collins Kids.
Transformer: The complete Lou Reed story.  Victor Bockris  2014  Loved it.
Doubt  Jennifer Michael Hecht  2014  The whole sweep of human history is the backdrop for the history of doubt. Loved it.

Sam Shepard:Blooms Major Dramatists  Ed by Harold Bloom  2003   The substance of 4 plays; Buried Child, Fool for Love, True West and Zabriskie Point
Broken Music  Sting Gordon Summer  2005  Autobiography of Sting.
Song and Dance Man: The Art of Bob Dylan   Michael Gray   1973   Some good insights. .
Looking for Lady Dee   Johnny Angel   2015 Punk pulp. Stories of Boston punk group Thrills with fiction murder backdrop.
The Dubliners   James Joyce   1914   Great.
A Certain Justice   P.D. James  1997   Didn't like. Mystery novel
Fool Me Twice   Parker/Brandman  2012 Jesse Stone novel.
The Adventures of Ulysses Homer/Evslin BC A shorter easy to read version.
Room With a View E.M. Forester 1908 Didn't care much for this.
Breaking It Up Ed by Ross Firestone 1975 Routines from Stand up comics.

Flying Saucers Rock 'n' Roll Ed by Jake Austen 2011 R+R outliers: Fast, David Allan Cole, Billy Lee Riely, Sam the Sham.
Poems for Enjoyment Ed by Elias Lieberman 1931 Good
Vermont Afternoons with Robert Frost Vrest Orton 1979 Short Memoir
Killing the Blues Parker/Brandman 2000 Jesse Stone novel.
What It Felt Like Henry Allen 2000 Disappointing. Laundry list of people and events of the last 100 years in USA.
Ulysses James Joyce 1914 Reread. Tremendous. My all time favorite book.
James Joyce Ulysses: A study Stuart Gilbert 1955 Study guide, read along w/ Ulysses.
Notes for Joyce Gifford/Seidman 1974 Annotation of Ulysses. Further help for Ulysses.
Be Stiff: The Stiff Records Story Richard Balls 2014 Interested me a lot. Lively.
Understanding the Movies Louis D. Giannett 1972 Packed with info on the history, theory and practice of movies.

Double Play Robert B. Parker 2004 Novel.
Visit from the Goon Squad Jennifer Egan 2010 Novel. Did not like. Unconvincing portrait of record executive.
That's Not Funny That's Sick Ellin Stein 2013 The National Lampoon and the Comedy insurgents who captured the mainstream..
The Killer Inside Me Jim Thompson 1952 Classic Pulp
All You Need Is Ears George Martin 1979 All these Beatle stories are well known now.
The Godwulf Manuscript Robert B. Parker 1973 The first Spenser novel.
Vespers Ed McBain 1989 Audio book. 87 Precinct novel.
Invitation to a Beheading Vladimir Nabokov 1959 Good
Breaking it Up Ross Firestone 1975 Stand up comics routines.
My Life and Hard Times James Thurber 1933 Good writing - but time has passed for this.

The Death Notebooks Anne Sexton 1974 Didn't like
Arcadia Tom Stoppard 1993 Play. Good.
Love Poems Anne Sexton 1967 Didn't like.
Ghoul Michael Slade 1987 Horror novel.
Tattooed On Their Tonques Colin Escott 1996 Early oddball Country acts.
The Sea John Banville 2005  Novel. Good.
The Wave   Susan Casey   2010   Analysis of wave theories but mostly about big wave surfers.
The Last Laugh   Phil Berger   1975   Look at American comedians.
Familiar   J. Robert Lennon   2012   Novel. I liked parts of it. Parallel worlds/personality explored.
Dammed if you Do   Parker/Brandman   2013   Jesse Stone novel.

Dostoevsky   Ed by Rene Wellek   1962    A collection of critical essays. Great.
Every Love Story is a Ghost Story   D.T. Max   2012    Bio of David Foster Wallace.
Archimedes' Revenge   Paul Hoffman   1988     Entertaining stories of mathematical conundrums.
Dead Kennedys: The Early Years     Alex Ogg     2014     Art by Winston Smith.
Three Plays of Euripides    Euripides    440 BC    Alcestis, Medea, The Bacchae.
Alien Chronicles     Ed by David Gatewood   2015   Didn't like.
Hit Man     Fredric Dannen     1991     All about sleazy record executives of the 70's and 80's.
Twelve Tomorrows    Various   2015     Sci Fi compilation .
King Lear    Shakespeare    1606     Classic. The "Applause Shakespeare" version which is very helpful in understanding.
What's Exactly the Matter with Me   P.F. Sloan   2014   Bio - drug problems, mental health issues but also some great music stories.

The Combat Zone     Jed Power   2015     Private Eye story set in Boston circa 1972.
W is for Wasted Sue Grafton    2013    Kinsey Millhone mystery.
Mathematics for Everyman    Laurie Buxton    1984    Very good.
A Sleeping Life     Ruth Rendell    1978     Insp. Wexford mystery.
The Asimov Chonicles Vol. 2    Issac Asimov    1990     Six stories.
Periodic Kingdom    O.W. Atkins    1995     Explanation of the periodic table.
John    Cynthia Lennon   2005     Tells the good and bad sides.
Resolution    Robert B. Parker 2005 Cole and Hitch book. Blah.
Three Can Keep A Secret    Archer Mayor 2013 A Joe Gunther novel set in Brattleboro, VT.
Arthur Rimbaud    Benjamin Ivory 1998 Focused on relationship with Verlaine.

Modern Architecture    Mark Owen 1966 Good.
The Rock Musician    Ed by Tony Scherman 1994 Interviews from Musician's Magazine: Springsteen, Prince, U2.
The New Modern Poetry    Ed by M.L. Rosenthal 1967 Post WWII American and British poets.
Unknown Legends of Rock and Roll    Richie Unterberger 1998 Excellent.
Martin Short: I Must Say    Martin Short 2014 Bio.
Goethe - Selected Poems     Ed by Middleton 1983 Didn't like.
Rich Hall: The man from Muscle Shoals - from fame to shame    Rich Hall 2015 Story of Muscle Shoals studios.
Ubik    Philip K. Dick 1969 Clever, better than most Sci-Fi.
M-Train    Patti Smith 2015 Unorthodox memoir. Musings on life and art.
The Launguage Instinct    Stephen Pinker 1994 Excellent. More than I needed to know. How the brain creates language.

The Beastiary    Guillaume Apollinaire 1909 Poems, very enjoyable.
Home - A Short History of an Idea    Witold Rybczynski 1986 Very interesting.
Mortal Stakes    Robert B. Parker

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