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Ford Theatre

Ford Theatre's First album.
Trilogy For The Masses
Ford theatre second album
Time Changes

    I heard about Ford Theatre back in the day but could never peg them. People talked about them but I never saw them I actually thought ttheir second album was from a real musical. They did have 'theatrical' tendencies which added to their allure.
    Ford Theatre's legacy has been helped by the web pages from R.Stevie Moore. They are here... FORD THEATRE INFO and Ford Theatre Main Page. R. Stevie Moore is the son Nashville bass player Bob Moore and nephew of Harry Palmer of Ford Theatre and an independent music legend himself. I used to play his music when I was doing radio in the seventies. R.Stevie Moores' Website

    Their first album was Trilogy For The Masses. Extended jams done in an assured manner mark this LP. It is produced by Bob Theile producer of ABC Records a sure sign of quality. This album is very well thought of now and gets some attention on the psych market and chatrooms. Pictures from the recoring here.
    Time Changes was the second LP and is more song oriented.

     The site called 60's Garage Bands has a promo film from The Upbeat show from Cleveland of the band and the song Wake Up In The Morning. This is rare for it's day. Here is the link...

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The Live CD recorded in Boston.
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This is an EP from Mexico
Tengo Fiebre = I've Got the Fever

     Currently, you can get the albums on CD at the R. Stevie Moore site and in addition a live double CD (Click for info on Live CD). This is very exciting for Ford Theatre fans and fans of the Bosstown Sound also in the fact that this is the only 'live' material out there outside of the Colwell-Winfield 'Live Bust' CD. Email Moore for info on how to get the CD.
    It shows Ford Theatre had good dynamics live. Also it displays their use of short talking pieces to join the songs and give a unified feel to the whole set. I'm a much bigger fan of theirs after hearing the live CD.

FordTheatreCashbox.jpg - 107.33 K This is from CASH BOX July 27, 1968

This gives some good infomation as to some of the personalities and radio stations in play in 1968. It again shows the interest the Bosstown Sound had in it's own turf.

Ford Theatre in Billboard 1968
From Billboard Sept 14, 1968
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